Periodontal disease or periodontitis?
We often hear from patients that they have periodontal disease. And upon examination, it turns out that this is gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) or periodontitis (which is much more…

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Dental diseases provoking a headache
Typically, migraines provoke a predisposition, or pressure surges, stuffy air, lack of water or visual fatigue. However, there is another important cause of headache related directly to the health of…

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Do you "wedge" your teeth before a composite restoration in the lateral region?
Composite materials for direct restoration of the lateral tooth group are the most common in clinical practice. However, clinicians often need to make a lot of efforts in order to…

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Teeth whitening at home: benefit or harm

In pharmacies and stores, both on the Internet and in your city, there is a wide selection of relatively inexpensive kits and individual preparations for home whitening.

Sellers are full of some advantages, among which:

a very large selection at any price;
convenience of the procedure at a time convenient for you;
low prices, even discounts;
promotions when buying multiple sets at once;time saving – you do not need to go to dentistry, wasting time on household chores;
whitening without leaving home (or at work).
Everything is very convenient and profitable, but the temptation and carelessness – become the causes of further complications.

Despite so many advantages, home whitening has even more disadvantages.

Before deciding to purchase, we strongly recommend that you read product reviews. We recommend reading reviews like this:

read reviews on different sites;
pay first of all for shortcomings;
A lot of positive reviews on the seller’s website should alert you, most likely, they are specially written for the growth of purchases;
Pay attention to reviews marked by others as liked – after all, many of us do not like to write, but I prefer to just like it. In addition, a fraudulent review is very expensive to wind.
We looked at reviews of several home whitening systems. The main search platform was Yandex Market, they chose products with a purchase rating of +4. And then we searched for reviews on the Internet, with which we offer to familiarize ourselves.

We do not advertise the names of home whitening systems so as not to make advertising or anti-advertising.

If you decide to buy home-made teeth whitening, then look first of all for the shortcomings and contraindications – this is your health, which will then be much more expensive to restore!

allergic reactions;
low quality components;
gum disease;
increased tooth sensitivity;
the appearance of pigmentation on enamel;
contraindications for certain diseases.
It will be possible to understand what you bought not when problems with teeth and gums have already appeared, and the result has not yet been achieved.

Clinic whitening is better than home whitening
In order not to become a victim of advertising, before buying a particular whitening system, be sure to consult a dentist!

If you:

drink a lot of tea or coffee;
predisposed to the formation of dental plaque.
First, as prescribed by your doctor, you must undergo professional oral hygiene and only then consider options for whitening systems that are right for you!

In addition, it is advisable to buy a home whitening system to maintain the result, when the procedure of hygienic cleaning and bleaching in clinics is completed

If you want a healthy, beautiful smile, without any complications, then the doctor must choose the system for whitening your teeth!

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