Orthodontic treatment at iStomatolog Clinic
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Cone-beam Computed Tomography as a Noninvasive Assistance Tool for Oral Cutaneous Sinus Tract Diagnosis: A Case Series
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Temporary restorations: the key to success
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An electric toothbrush that helps you see your dentist less often

Who does not dream of a medical capsule, in which he lay down and recovered, is cured of all diseases? But it is still ahead of us. We will not fantasize, but let’s talk about real things that can improve our health right now.

In fact, dentists are treating already obvious problems in the oral cavity, and preventing dental problems. But the health of a smile is largely up to you. What do you eat, drink, how to care for your teeth. We will talk about a device that does not treat teeth, but can minimize visits to the dentist and consolidate the effect after treatment.

The manufacturer of oral care gadgets JETPIK was first introduced to the US market in 2013, and entered the Ukrainian market in 2016. Jetpik is also represented in countries such as Canada, Germany, Poland, Brazil, Australia.

Jetpik manufactures electric toothbrushes, dental irrigators, dental centers and supplies. But you should not run and buy the entire line of goods at once. Now we will understand who needs what, in order to create conditions for the highest quality home hygiene.

Jetpik electric toothbrushes are sonic, which means that the bristles themselves vibrate from the sound and you don’t need to exert much effort to move the brush in your mouth. This will save time, because such a brush does not need to be cleaned for three minutes, two minutes are enough and the teeth will be smooth as after professional brushing in the dentist’s chair.

Also, the brush can be used with a minimal amount of toothpaste or without it at all. If you have no problems with the gums, then with this brush you can forget about the floss of toothpicks and dental floss. The working head of the toothbrush is made so that it can clean any tooth in the mouth, even the eighth, which grows “on the cheek”.

Brushes are available in six colors. Children really like this brush because of its “tickling effect”. You can start brushing your teeth from eight years old without parental control, up to eight years old in the third gentle mode and under the supervision of an adult.

During the period of a change of bite, the jaws of the children grow and prepare a place for permanent teeth. There are more permanent teeth and they are larger than milk teeth, therefore, starting from four years, the distance between milk teeth increases, as a result, food begins to clog and caries develops, forming hidden cavities that only a dentist can see during an examination. Jetpik bristles bristles well between the teeth of children where food gets clogged.

Particularly convenient alert function. Every 15 seconds, the brush emits a short beep, which indicates that it is necessary to move to another cleaning area. Thus, you first clean the upper jaw (inside the outside), then the lower.

The brush body is made of anodized aluminum, that is, the brush can be wetted, bathed in water and it will retain its appearance for a very long time. The triangular shape of the case will protect the bristles from contact with surfaces if you lay it horizontally.

The Jetpik toothbrush is suitable for those people who have fixed structures in their mouths. When wearing bracket systems, a sound brush will allow you to accurately monitor hygiene. It will help to avoid the appearance of new caries, it will stimulate blood circulation in the gums and prevent gum inflammation. If you have crowns in your mouth, implants – such a brush will extend the life of these structures.

The brush has five modes. Three modes differ in the power that you choose yourself for greater comfort while brushing your teeth. The fourth mode – massages the gums due to the sound wave, which improves the blood circulation of the gums. And this is the best prevention of gum disease. The fifth mode is teeth whitening.

Of course, we will not argue that the teeth will be brighter by two tones is a myth. Two-tone teeth can lighten the special compounds for whitening, which are used in the dentist’s chair, under the supervision of the attending physician. But how safe is that ?! But whitening with a brush is 100% safe.

What does sound brush whitening mean? And this means that during life, the amount of coffee, tea, smoked cigarettes directly affects the color of the teeth. They are saturated with nicotine, food coloring. And here this brush will come to the rescue, which, very gently, day after day, will sound “knock out” pigments from food and the result of bad habits, returning the natural color of teeth.

Each Jetpik toothbrush comes with a plastic box for transportation and a charger. if one person uses the brush, the battery will last up to 30 days. The whole family can use one Jetpik brush, changing only the nozzles.

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